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Targeted Staffing Solutions

The Search Process

The Meyers Group has an effective process to help you find the right candidate. We start by conducting a complete needs analysis profile that will provide us with all of the pertinent information to complete the search. We then assemble the project team and begin marketplace research. From there, we'll design a specific, targeted recruiting program by compiling a list of targeted companies and candidates using one of the following search options:

  • Engagement Search: A special search team is dedicated to completing a critical search assignment when a position must be filled within a short time frame given our client’s sense of urgency. With this search option, you'll have candidate exclusivity, a free replacement guarantee, and full reference checks.

  • Contingency Search: This pay-only-for-successful-fulfillment option is used to complete some select individual search assignments. With this search option, you'll also have a guarantee period.

  • Project Search: Our project Search service is a cost-effective method of guaranteeing our concerted effort to fill multiple openings. This is ideal for a fast-growing or rapidly changing organization that has aggressive hiring plans.

  • "Hybrid" model: A unique approach to evaluating an internal candidate before a Board or CEO decides to engage a search firm to conduct a national search. Proven results... saving our clients time and $ when choosing the internal candidate following our comprehensive assessment. Ask us about it!

Planning and Research


We define the scope of the project and create profile of the positions to be filled. We approach each assignment as a partnership by working with your key staff. Through the use of client competitor information, our industry resources, and confidential referrals, we conduct research to identify potential candidates. In addition, we draw upon the strength of the MRI network and its capabilities to help draw upon the largest possible pool of top quality candidates.

Candidate Contact

Once potential candidates are identified, we contact them on a direct, personal basis. As industry-focused recruiters, we adopt a two-fold approach to this critical phase of the search:

  • First, we act as your spokesperson, representing you as professionally as you would represent yourself. Using strict standards of confidentiality, we present your objectives, as well as the opportunities, responsibilities, and potential of the positions being offered.

  • Next, we examine the qualifications of the candidate, measuring them against the comprehensive profiles developed during the planning stage. Only after determining that a strong mutual bond exists between you and the candidate does the process continue.

  • Finally, we assess the fit for the candidate and her/his family or significant others.


Presentation of Candidates


In order to achieve exceptional results geared to your specific needs, we carefully review the capabilities of each prospect. Once evaluated, only the outstanding candidates are presented for your consideration. We also assist in the scheduling and monitoring of the interview process with your management team.


The Decision and the Offer


You alone make the ultimate decision on the best candidate for your organization, but we provide invaluable information to help you make the right choice. We also use our experience and industry knowledge to assist candidates during this critical phase. We offer our insight and counsel to help facilitate communications on salary terms, benefits and relocation. Once an offer has been made and accepted, we also help the candidate proceed through the emotional process of resigning from their present position, including dealing with counteroffers.


Onboarding Process


Beginning with a well-organized orientation, we assure that there is a plan to fully integrate the new employee into your organization and its culture.

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