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Candidate Search Process

The Meyers Group has an effective process to help candidates find the right opportunity to meet their career goals. To begin the process, we contact our candidates on a direct, personal basis and obtain a candidate profile. We conduct in-depth telephone interviews with them to ascertain three things:

  1. Do they have the appropriate background?

  2. Are they willing to change jobs for the right opportunity?

  3. Determine if there is a fit between the candidate's and organization's philosophy, values, mission and culture

  4. Determine if the candidate's career goals will be satisfied by client's opportunity.


Next, we act as your spokesperson, representing you as professionally as you would represent yourself. Finally, our process includes these steps:

  • With your approval, submit your resume to our client.

  • Arrange the first face-to-face or video-teleconference interview with client.

  • Prepare candidates for the first interview, including an overview of the company's or hiring authority's hot buttons.

  • Debrief both the candidate and client. Professionally release any candidate or client if either party does not wish to pursue.

  • Arrange second interviews between the candidate and client, as well as discuss any concerns.

  • Facilitate the active participation of the candidate's spouse or significant other, and family as appropriate, in activities that address her/his concerns about the potential job/location change.

  • Verify candidate current salary earnings and negotiate a package to be offered to ensure satisfaction to both parties.

  • Transmit a verbal offer to candidate and relay the acceptance of offer to client.

  • Consult the candidate regarding resignation and counter-offer.

  • Confirm a start date. Have the candidate confirm in writing. Remain in contact with candidate and client through start date and initial phases of employment.

Remember, you alone make the ultimate decisions, but we provide invaluable information to help you make the right choices. We also use our experience and industry knowledge to assist you during the process. We offer our insight and counsel to help facilitate communications on salary terms, benefits, and relocation. Once an offer has been made and accepted, we also help candidates proceed through the emotional process of resigning from the present position, including dealing with counteroffers.

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