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Letter from the President

There is no substitute for hard work.

-- Thomas A. Edison

It was a Friday night during my senior year in high school. I remember it well, because while most of my friends were heading into the city to celebrate the end of a long week of studies, my father insisted I remain at home, trapped in my room with only my textbooks to cure the boredom. The four page essay on the life and work of Thomas Edison was due first thing Monday morning, and like most of my peers at that time, the plan was to start it the night before. My father’s design, it turns out, was entirely different.

I assumed that evening his plan was some sort of punishment for a late curfew, an un-made bed or un-mowed lawn. What I failed to see then, and what I know now and have carried through with me through every book report, executive position or business venture since, is the life lesson he was trying to impart – that is, there is no substitute for hard work.

For the past twenty years, since founding The Meyers Group, I have taken Edison’s words and my own father’s discipline to heart, and strive to instill in my team, our clients and candidates, the belief that there is no short–cut to success, no easy–way–out, no Pass–Go and Collect $200. To be a successful recruiter means you have to surround yourself with hard–working, dedicated individuals who wake up daily with one goal in mind: to plan for a win, study the game, know the key–players and be ready and able to put in the time and energy to help clients find "impact players" to join their organization, and to help candidates find the next position that best fits with their career goals.

It is with this philosophy that I manage our firm, and it is with this approach that our team continuously satisfies the demands of our clients. For two decades we have been doing just that and have earned a reputation in each of our industries for offering an unparalleled rate of success.

Unlike most search firms whose corporate name shields their recruiters from owning a personal stake in the search process and end results, The Meyers Group offers one additional advantage; with every search and each of our placements, I put forward my own name. I stamp each and every part of the process with the Meyers Group seal of approval. And as I recall back from yet another childhood essay, it was Socrates who once wrote, "Regard your name as the richest jewel you can possibly possess." It is this name, this reputation for our hard work, that is the jewel we offer to our clients and candidates, and it is the reward you will walk away with when placing your needs in the competent hands of professionals who value your success as much as our own.

To our clients and candidates with whom our loyalty and dedication remains steadfast, we wish you a world of continued success. And for those visiting our site or using our services for the first time, it is my personal pleasure to welcome you with the belief that you too will be a beneficiary of our unwavering hard work.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Stuart Meyers

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