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Our Recruiters

As specialists in the Behavioral Healthcare, Community Healthcare / FQHCs, Integrated Delivery Systems, Substance Use Treatment & Recovery, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, and Managed Care industries including National and State Associations that represent provider organizations, our experienced Executive Search Consultants participate in project teams that find the perfect candidates for the positions you have open.


This teamwork results in a clear understanding of your requirements and our ability to respond to your needs. In effect, we become your staffing partner, and share your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion principles.


Our senior staff is composed of accomplished professionals with successful careers in their own areas of expertise. Both Stuart Meyers and Ron Morton have led behavioral healthcare organizations as CEOs.

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Stuart Meyers, MBA, Ed.D.

Prior to joining Management Recruiters International in September 1995, Dr. Meyers had extensive experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, including roles as a psychiatric hospital CEO, Community Mental Health Center CEO, VP of a Managed Care organization, and a licensed psychologist.

Stuart has experience in working with behavioral health, primary care associations, integrated delivery systems & "medical homes", managed care and public sector companies, rehab systems, and has held senior level positions in a number of national provider and managed care organizations. He has an intimate knowledge of the health care field and has developed close relationships within each of these sectors, thus enabling him to bring high quality, cost efficient solutions to his client's staffing needs. In addition, Stuart has specialized in assisting Boards of Directors and CEOs in a Succession Planning process that insures seamless transitions in key leadership positions.

In each of his 20 plus years in the executive recruitment field, Stuart’s team has consistently been one of the top performing offices in the MRINetwork of over 350 offices. In fact, prior to acquiring his own office, he was in the Top Ten of all recruiters in the MRI family, and named “Rookie of the Year” in his 1st year as a recruiter…. a reflection of his ability to be responsive to his clients’ needs and his intimate familiarity with the health care industry. Stuart’s decision to name the practice after himself is a demonstration of his own deep personal commitment to his clients and candidates by putting his own reputation "on the line."

President - The Meyers Group

(301) 625-5600 X 1


Ronald Morton, MPA, CBHE

Ron Morton joined The Meyers Group in 2004 after extensive executive and senior management experience in healthcare and human services across the public and private sectors. With a background in business and public administration, he has been highly successful in leadership roles including CFO, COO and CEO.

Ron has earned a reputation as an innovative leader in both management and provider organizations. One of Ron's strengths has been his ability to search out the latest thinking and technology from any field and apply it to the job at hand. Ron's success in operations is matched by his acumen for systems and public policy development as evidenced by his productive relationships with governing boards and myriad community, regional and state stakeholders. His drive to look beyond traditional boundaries leads to unique, effective solutions that match the best people with an organization's financial, technological and human resources.


Ron's practice focuses on executive searches, recruitment of key clinical, administrative and financial leaders, succession planning, the Board/Executive relationship and the development of executive performance evaluation programs. He has the full resources of the Meyers Group and Management Recruiters International to support his work with you.

"As a healthcare and business leader, I knew that our success – and the quality of our work – was only as good as the quality of the people we hired. As your Executive Search Consultant, I will lead our team with a single-minded focus on finding top-performing professionals to compete for the career opportunities you have to offer. At The Meyers Group, the only measure of success is yours!"

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Vice-President - The Meyers Group

(301) 625-5600 X 2

Kevin N. Tyler, Sr., MBA

Kevin Tyler, Sr. joined The Meyers Group in 2022 with extensive executive experience in both the private and public sectors. As a Project Coordinator, he will focus on community healthcare (FQHC) leadership positions and positions in the recovery space related to previously incarcerated and/or clients recovering from addictions.


Prior to joining The Meyers Group, Kevin served as the Executive Director of the Re-entry Coaching Academy (ReCA), an organization committed to helping incarcerated individuals re-enter the job market. Under Kevin’s leadership ReCA  developed business opportunities in new markets, established strong client centered partnerships, and made significant strides towards establishing a foothold in several communities across the United States.

Prior to leading ReCA Kevin served as the Executive Director of Tuerk House, a residential treatment facility in West Baltimore. Kevin also served as the Board Chairman of Total Health Care, Inc., the largest minority operated Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Maryland. His three year career as Board Chairman was highlighted by his strong commitment to eradicating health disparities created by a lack of access to care. This commitment was instrumental in his leading the efforts to merge Total Health Care and Tuerk House to create an integrated continuum of care. In addition to chairing the Board at Total Health Care he has worked for Fortune 500 companies as a professional manager and financial analyst.

Project Coordinator - The Meyers Group



Michelle Carrigan

Michelle Carrigan joined The Meyers Group in 2005. As the Internet Researcher, Michelle brings an expert-level knowledge of the Internet, technology, and social media to leverage the power of information in connecting with top talent.

With over 15 years of experience in executive recruiting and internet networking, Ms. Carrigan has helped to create and contribute to a comprehensive database of the nation’s top executives in the field. Well-networked on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, she maintains connections with high level executives, such as CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Clinical Directors, and other top organizational leaders.


In addition, Ms. Carrigan uses her expert level understanding the internet and technological acumen to search for and identify membership directories, conferences, associations, and events, allowing for an even deeper access into reaching the key clinical, administrative and financial leaders in the fields of Behavioral Healthcare, Community Health/FQHCs, Integrated Delivery Systems, Substance Use Treatment & Recovery, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities and Managed Care including National and State Associations that represent provider organizations.

Internet Researcher - The Meyers Group

(301) 625-5600 X 3

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