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Chief Executive Officer


New York State

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InUnity Alliance (IUA) has brought together two outstanding New York state-wide Member organizations to further strengthen the voice to address both mental health and substance use challenges faced by New Yorkers everywhere. This presents an exciting opportunity for a Mental Health and Substance Use Professional to lead this newly merged member organization of over 225 NYS providers at a time when addictions and mental health challenges are dramatically affecting families everywhere. Such a strategic partnership, made up of The Coalition for Behavioral Health, the Alcoholism & Substance Providers of New York State (ASAP) & the New York Association of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Providers (NYAASAP) forms a single collective voice to advocate for an increased access to care, important public policy initiatives, provide robust technical assistance and training for members, and ultimately the increase of services provided by its members throughout the entire State of New York.


The Position:


The new CEO of these legacy organizations will be a seasoned leader who will enthusiastically and passionately affect change in the addictions and mental health field in New York. This will be a dynamic individual who will inherit a dedicated team that will build on the successes of both organizations, while taking on the challenge of growing InUnity’s presence, statewide recognition, membership, and influence as the strongest possible advocate that leads to meaningful change in public policy support for those served by member organizations. Reporting to and working with the Board of Directors, this leader will enhance a vision and strategy to best position IUA within the ever-evolving behavioral health marketplace and translate these priorities into actions and prioritized initiatives. Most critically, the CEO will lead in the development of a successful policy and advocacy agenda to drive meaningful social change in the areas of addiction and mental health care. With a deep commitment to serving IUA’s members and the clients they serve, this individual will work closely with both state and local government officials, philanthropic institutions, community-based organizations, public and private partners, and all internal and external stakeholders.


 Our “ideal” candidate will possess the following qualifications:

  • Be an excellent relationship builder, with a demonstrated track record of developing partnerships and coalitions and understanding the value of building and nurturing relationships with peers, IUA members, and the community at large; be an effective consensus builder

  • Have the capability of “thinking big,” with an appreciation of the enormous impact this newly created unified organization can have on behalf of its members and the clients served every day of the year throughout the State of New York

  • Have experience in “change management;” leading organizations through a process leading to cultural integration and the development of a strong and cohesive infrastructure & team approach to providing services to members

  • Possess a deep commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in ways that create a culture of excellence within the organization and for its members

  • Having experience in both the addiction/substance use and mental health services field is strongly desired

  • Possess excellent management & organizational skills in complex settings

  • Possess strong communications skills, both orally and through a written format, in ways that inspire, demonstrate transparency, and an alignment of values and purpose as a single advocacy organization

  • Have a track record of achievement in the development and implementation of public policy and advocacy initiatives

  • Experience in state-level policy and legislative matters in the fields of mental health and addiction services; such experience in New York State preferred

  • Possess strong business and financial acumen, effectively managing and growing financial strength, and having fund raising successes

  • Have demonstrated a high ethical “compass;” possess a reputation for functioning with great integrity and emotional intelligence

  • Have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills; an effective manager who leads by example and through delegation while providing great support to staff

  • Experience in working for a Board of Directors would be extremely helpful

  • A Master’s degree in business administration, public health, health policy, and/or a behavioral health field is strongly preferred

  • Have 10+ years of leadership experience or its equivalent

  • Willingness to travel locally, across New York State, and nationally is critical to this person’s success



New York State presents an enormous range of attractions as a place to make one’s home or travel on vacation….whether one’s preference is to live in a scenic rural community, suburbia, or a large metropolitan area….in a state with an abundance of cultural and recreational attractions, the best of higher education opportunities, or close proximity to mountains, lakes, and the Atlantic.  This role allows for a family to “have it all,” given one’s interest in living in or visiting communities with much ethnic diversity and culture, or in the Adirondacks, near Niagara Falls, the St. Lawrence River, or the beautiful Hudson Valley. And with its excellent transportation systems, New Yorkers are able to enjoy a lifestyle that allows for taking advantage of the best features of this beautiful part of the country, including of course, The Big Apple.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Stuart I. Meyers, MBA, EdD

President, The Meyers Group

Executive Search Consultants

(301) 625-5600 X 1

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