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Chief Executive Officer


Everett, WA

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Evergreen Recovery CentersChief Executive Officer (CEO) will be transitioning in early 2024 after a stellar career of service in the cause of community-centered addiction treatment and recovery, including over 22 years of leading our organization and championing our cause of addictions treatment and recovery in the State of Washington. Now, as part of this leadership transition, a national search is underway to identify and attract passionate addiction and behavioral health professionals to compete for this rewarding leadership role.


This will be a unique and transformative opportunity to guide a large, successful, yet complex, addiction recovery system into the future, build a lasting culture for its 200 staff, lead its strategic development, build a diverse and passionate core management team, achieve operational excellence, and continue developing its relationships with legislators as well as communities. The new CEO must be a champion for Evergreen’s commitment to transform treatment for individuals and their families who are affected by substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health problems; and promote whole-person care, healthy parenting and early childhood experiences, as well as low-barrier access to primary health care.


Home-based in Everett, WA, Evergreen Recovery Centers (“ERC”) is a $20M+ non-profit organization - a powerful force working to break the cycle of addiction through a network of innovative and evidence-based programs of treatment and recovery support. With a broad base of community support, Evergreen strives every day to achieve its motto - “Hope Starts Here!”


For over 50 years, ERC has focused on providing comprehensive substance abuse recovery and behavioral health services to help individuals and families achieve and maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle. ERC has built a reputation as a premier provider of high-quality services that is committed to innovation and evidence-based services that promote successful outcomes across the breadth of their services. ERC’s service array includes:

  • Medical Withdrawal Management and Detox – a safe and comfortable alternative to emergency rooms and hospitals for persons with a substance use disorder who need medical withdrawal management.

  • Health Services including low-barrier primary health care and psychiatric services for persons with substance use disorders.

  • DUI Deferred Prosecution and Diversion – from an initial assessment and treatment through the required two-year compliance monitoring.

  • Outpatient Treatment offering integrated alcohol and drug treatment with mental health counseling.

  • Pregnant and Parenting Women’s Residential Treatment – a unique, research-based program that blends treatment for substance use disorders and mental health conditions, with prenatal and perinatal care for the mother. At the same time, our unique intensive parenting and child services provide the children with stimulating early learning experiences.

  • Men’s Residential Substance Use Disorder and Behavioral Health Treatment Program offering a comprehensive residential program designed to specifically address the needs of men ages 18 and over who are suffering from substance use disorders.

  • The Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP) - a research-based, nationally recognized intensive case management home visitation program for pregnant and parenting women experiencing substance use disorders.


Most recently, ERC has been selected to develop a new program, Rising Strong, a family centered drug treatment and housing program that supports families staying together while they recover from addiction and rebuild their lives.


Known for its leadership in Snohomish and Skagit Counties and the surrounding region’s community behavioral health system, ERC is committed to developing innovative solutions in response to rapidly changing individual and community needs.  In its work, ERC’s greatest asset is its engaged and dedicated professional workforce of almost 200 full and part-time clinical and administrative staff, volunteers, and agency partners. Balancing the challenges of serving a large urban population while attending to the unique needs of growing rural communities across the County has required ERC to adapt and change, using emerging and clinical best practices, community collaborations, technology, and management expertise to their maximum advantage. 


Evergreen Recovery Centers. is governed by a 9-member voluntary citizen Board of Directors.  As they move strategically forward, the Board is focused on selecting a new Chief Executive Officer to secure ERC’s future and lead it to new heights.


Reporting to the Board of Directors, the CEO is the chief professional officer of the organization. The CEO is responsible for ERC’s overall programmatic, administrative, and financial performance in fulfilment of ERC’s mission, vision, values, and strategic initiatives.  As a transformative leader, the CEO will actively engage ERC’s communities and partners to envision and pursue a future of community-based treatment that benefits persons with substance use disorders and their families; improves community health and social outcomes; embraces and adopts disruptive innovations; promotes whole-person care, healthy parenting, and early childhood experiences; expands low-barrier access to primary health care; and focuses on the value and leveraging of increasingly scarce human capital and financial resources.

Candidate Profile:


Our “Ideal" candidates should:


  • Be a seasoned and insightful leader from a community addictions treatment and/or integrated healthcare system who has demonstrated organizational success in today’s healthcare marketplace.


  • Have developed a wide range of relationships to improve/expand services, reduce/contain costs, solve community problems and secure an organization’s future through contracts, partnerships, collaborations, mergers and/or acquisitions.


  • Have a successful track record leading strategic initiatives, building effective teams, and guiding organizational change.


  • Be an innovator who fosters and supports a culture of creativity and risk-taking without sacrificing quality of services or financial stability.

  • Have demonstrated business acumen in today’s evolving healthcare environment while achieving both clinical and operational excellence.


  • Be passionate about supporting recovery, building resilience, and meeting the needs of people and their communities.


  • Have a graduate degree in healthcare, public health, business administration or human services. Specialized training in addiction and chemical dependency treatment is preferred.


  • Have at least eight (8) years progressive and effective management experience in healthcare or human services, preferably in substance use disorder treatment programs.


  • Experience working with/for a Board of Directors is a must,


Preferred experiences include:

  • Prior chief executive experience in a non-profit organization providing publicly funded services.

  • Successful Board-Executive relationships.

  • Integrated Care leadership – within substance use disorder treatment and between mental and physical health.




Living in Everett, Washington, or Snohomish County offers a delightful blend of urban convenience and natural beauty, making it an appealing choice for many. Residents enjoy a vibrant community with a diverse range of recreational activities, cultural events, and dining options. The region's stunning landscapes, including picturesque mountains, lush forests, and serene waterways, create a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, the area boasts a strong economy, ample job opportunities, and a lower cost of living compared to nearby metropolitan areas. Whether seeking a peaceful suburban lifestyle or easy access to the bustling city life of Seattle, Everett and Snohomish County provide an attractive and well-rounded living experience for individuals and families alike.


To compete for this challenging leadership opportunity or to request additional information, please contact:

Ronald W. Morton, MPA, CBHE

Vice President, The Meyers Group

Executive Search Consultants

(301) 625-5600 X 2

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