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Chief Executive Officer


Charleston, SC

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Overview: Modern Minds is an innovative organization that provides a holistic approach to treating individuals in need of mental, emotional, and physical wellness. This exciting organization in the charming community of Charleston, SC has developed an innovative system of care that merges the application of “best practice” behavioral healthcare care with “Wellness” through Modern Minds, an organization that has partnered with the Medical University of South Carolina and Synchronicity.


This unique organization, now in its second year, is a system that provides a comprehensive approach to Clients who have discovered that regardless of which “door” they enter to improve their lives they are able to receive mental health care, primary care and physical exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and socialization as desired. This “whole body approach” has made an enormous difference in the lives of consumers since the founding of Modern Minds in 2020 and is receiving increased recognition and growth in a very short period of time.


The Role: Modern Minds is looking to hire a CEO who embraces this philosophy of care and its enormous potential. Modern Minds is already blessed with having an outstanding clinical staff, a strong relationship with the highly regarded Medical University of South Carolina, and through Synchronicity it possesses the ability to addresses all those other non-clinical needs that strengthen one’s ability to grow, be successful, and be healthy in the broadest possible sense.


A very attractive and competitive compensation package is available to the selected candidate.


Our Ideal Candidate: Our “ideal” candidate is a leader who is excited by this comprehensive approach to wellness, who embraces each component of this unique model, and who wishes to expand its availability as a result of its growing recognition and demonstrated positive outcomes. Essential qualities desired include:

  • Leadership experience in either the behavioral health or primary care field with an understanding of and experience with a treatment approach that integrates care in this holistic way

  • A genuine appreciation for the critical role “wellness” activities in addition to traditional behavioral health and primary care interventions

  • A commitment to the value of a multi-disciplinary approach to care, inclusive of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, wellness mentors, and primary care professionals who collectively accelerate and sustain mental and physical well-being

  • Possessing a “partnering” philosophy in working with health care providers, systems of care, community organizations, governmental systems, and payers

  • Possessing excellent communications skills along with the prerequisite qualities of a great leader related to integrity, professional stature, diplomacy, adaptability, and commitment to quality

  • Having an entrepreneurial “spirit” that understands the dynamic nature of an ever-changing healthcare environment, including one that incorporates the use of technology

  • Having a comfort level being a “change agent,” and through this holistic approach committed to having a “disruptive” impact on the way healthcare is delivered

  • This individual will be either a Physician with experience working with behavioral health programs, a Psychiatrist, or a doctoral level psychologist

  • The CEO will live in the greater Charleston area, and become actively involved with the community and partner with other organizations and systems in the region


Apply:  To compete for this challenging leadership opportunity, please contact:

Dr. Stuart I. Meyers, MBA, EdD

President, The Meyers Group

Executive Search Consultants

(301) 625-5600 X 1

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