Value-Added Services

The Meyers Group offers a variety of value-added services designed to meet your staffing needs:

Video and Web Conferencing

When it comes to online communications to interview candidates, The Meyers Group harnesses today's powerful collaboration tools for real time input.

FAS Relocation Services

Make the relocation process as easy as possible for new employees and their families. Through the FAS Relocation Network, our long-term relocation partner established in 1987, we can provide cost-of-living profiles, home marketing and finding assistance, mortgage pre-qualification, reduced moving costs, temporary housing, international services, and other services, such as home buy-out programs, expense tracking, family doctor search assistance, and much more.

MRI Network Alliance

The Meyers Group is an affiliate of Management Recruiters International (MRI), the world's largest franchise network of executive recruiters. Our firm is affiliated with more than 1,100 offices and 5,000 trained search consultants worldwide. We can identify and interview candidates on a global basis. Geography is no limitation.

Employee Assessment Tools, Emotional Intelligence, and Testing

We can help improve the accuracy of hiring decisions through the use of employee assessment tools. Identify and measure the personality traits of your candidates. How do they match against the traits of your successful performers? Or use these tools to determine how your current employees can better work with each other to make a more productive unit. Understand better what motivates your employees and your candidates.